description:China League One (China League One, referred to as "China League One") is organized by the Chinese Football Association and participated by domestic professional football clubs. It is the second-level football professional league in the country, second only to the Chinese Football Association Super League. . The China League One started in 2004 and was formerly known as the China Football League B. There were 17 teams participating in the first session, and a relegation system was implemented. In 2020, the Chinese League One will expand to 18 teams.
CHN League One Future events Historical events
There are currently no competitions in the near future
2023-09-17 Sunday
2023-09-16 Saturday
2023-09-13 Wednesday
2023-09-10 Sunday
2023-09-09 Saturday
2023-09-04 Monday
2023-09-03 Sunday
2023-09-02 Saturday