description:The China Football Association Super League (abbreviation: CSL) usually starts in March every year, and the team with the most points at the end of the season is the champion of the Chinese Super League. The Chinese Super League was established in 2004, sponsored by the Chinese Football Association and co-organized by the provincial and municipal football associations. Its predecessor was the Chinese Football League A, which was transformed from a professional system to a professional one in 1994.
CHN Super League Future events Historical events
There are currently no competitions in the near future
2023-09-30 Saturday
2023-09-29 Friday
2023-09-24 Sunday
2023-09-23 Saturday
2023-09-22 Friday
2023-09-17 Sunday
2023-09-16 Saturday
2023-09-15 Friday
2023-08-27 Sunday
2023-08-26 Saturday